Dark and Bright Cave

Dark and Bright Cave is a part of Lan Ha Bay which is well known for the stunning limestone structure and the interesting natural habitat. Also belonging to Cat Ba National Park, this amazing place is very suitable for tourists who are interested in kayaking and passion to nature. The whole area is divided into two parts: Dark Cave and Bright Cave. The Dark Cave is quite long and dark. It is swallowed by the tide all time and unable to pass through and discover. The Bright Cave, on the other hand, is short and is well lit up by the sunlight. Essentially, the Bright Cave has the similar structure as Luon Cave. It is a small gate only accessed by kayaks and small boats. Through the gate, tourists will meet a calm circular lake surrounded by walls of stone mountains in different scales and sizes. Immerse yourself in nature, admire the luxuriant vegetation and enjoy fresh and peaceful atmosphere, all make an enjoyable trip to Dark and Bright Cave.

Our cruises visit Dark and Bright Cave

UniCharm Cruise
Departure Port: Tuan Chau Marina, Halong, Vietnam
From $350.00 per room