Dau Go Cave

Dau Go Cave is one of the most beautiful caves on Halong Bay, located on Dau Go Island about 6 km from Bai Chay Harbour and only 300 meters from Thien Cung Cave. The cave has the ancient and unspoiled beauty with many stalagmites in special and strange shapes.Located at 27 meters above sea level, the cave entrance is 12 meters wide and 17 meters high; the height of the dome is 25 meters. Inside the cave is a huge space with the size of 5000 square meters. The cave is divided into three chambers. The first chamber receives the most natural light, straight from the ceiling, there are many stalactites in different sizes and colors. Depending on the rich imagination of each person, visitors can relate to the images of elephant, deer, lion and turtle.Entering the next part, visitors will feel like standing inside an ancient castle, with massive and majestic architecture. The deeper you go into the cave, the natural lights weakens and everything becomes fanciful, the novel paintings appear mysteriously. At the end of the stone path, the cave is expanded with huge stone columns, sparkling in the colorful electric lights.Compared to many other caves on the bay, Dau Go Cave is more unique with a rich diversity of flora and fauna. Because the cave entrance is expanded, the humidity in the cave is high along with the impact of the sun rays that have created conditions for the development of diverse flora such as moss, ferns and woody plants.

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