Trung Trang Cave

Trung Trang Cave is dubbed a masterpiece of Mother Nature dedicated exclusively to Cat Ba Island. Located in Trung Trang valley about 15 km northwest of Cat Ba town, Trung Trang Cave is 300 meters long and passes through the mountain, having a capacity of hundreds of visitors at the same time. Trung Trang Cave takes visitors from this surprise to another when admiring thousands of unique and sparkling stalactites like stepping into a wonderland. Especially the nearby area has a natural forest of Kim Giao, which is an interesting part for your discovery journey.After thousands of years of construction, Trung Trang Cave has now become a large cave with the magnificent beauty of nature. In addition to the beauty of natural stone stalactites, the cave has its own ecosystem in a mysterious darkness. The cave is home to many species of creatures such as reptiles, insects, and birds (most of them are bats). Therefore, to preserve the characteristics of the ecological environment in the cave, the space inside is very limited in electric lighting.After finishing the journey inside Trung Trang cave, visitors will come to the outside of the cave with many fancy stone shapes, admire the wonderful sculptures of nature. From here, you will be immersed in a vast green space of Cat Ba National Park with many trees and ancient vines. Stop to enjoy the fresh air and relax before your next excursions.

Our cruises visit Trung Trang Cave

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