Tung Sau Pearl Farm

Tung Sau Pearl Farm is the most well-known pearl farm in Halong Bay and also a charming attraction fot tourists where they can witness and learn the entire process in making pearls and expansive pearl products from the first step of growing to harvesting pearl. The pearl farm is located in an isolated water area, surrounded by undulating limestone islands and owned by Halong Pearl Join Stock Company.Visiting the pearl farm is a very special experience besides enjoying Halong Bay cruises. Travelers will learn about the pearl making process, as well as the characteristics of the colors and shapes of oysters grown here. The pearl growing and handicraft system has been based on Vietnamese traditional experience and Japanese technology. When passing the jetty, visitors will admire the oysters' cages growing in the clear blue waters of Halong Bay. Tung Sau pearl farm also sells a lot of pearl jewelry for tourists. Beautiful pearl pendants or delicate earrings will surely be a sparkling gift for Halong Bay visitors.

Our cruises visit Tung Sau Pearl Farm

Dynasty Cruise
Departure Port: Tuan Chau Harbor
From $0.00 per room
Glory Legend Cruise
Departure Port: Tuan Chau Island, Ha Long, Vietnam
From $250.00 per room
Pelican Cruise
Departure Port: Hon Gai Wharf, 6 Le Thanh Tong, Ha Long, Vietnam
From $355.00 per room